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Autism Empowerment Board of Directors

010611085517clipart_board_meetingAutism Empowerment currently has 11 men and women serving on our Board of Directors representing four different states, Washington (where we were founded), Oregon, California and North Carolina. They are an amazing and dedicated group of people, passionate for serving children, teens and adults of all abilities.

Everyone on our Board of Directors is either on the autism spectrum or is closely related to someone who is. We are proactive autism allies working together to build a better world for individuals and families of all ages and abilities in the Autism and Asperger communities locally and worldwide.

Each of us embrace Autism Empowerment’s Four Foundational Pillars of Accept, Enrich, Inspire and Empower. Please be sure to read about the Mission & Vision of our organization as well as our Core Values, Beliefs & Goals.

We invite you to learn more about Autism Empowerment’s Board of Directors for 2017.

Meet the Team

<strong>Karen Krejcha</strong>
Karen KrejchaCo-Founder, Executive Director
<strong>John Krejcha</strong>
John KrejchaCo-Founder, Secretary
<strong>Paul Pitsenbarger</strong>
Paul PitsenbargerVice President
<strong>Brian Tashima</strong>
Brian TashimaTreasurer
<strong>Gary Borghello</strong>
Gary BorghelloBoard Member
<strong>Andy Humber</strong>
Andy HumberBoard Member
<strong>Tara O'Gorman</strong>
Tara O'GormanBoard Member
<strong>Chris Parrott</strong>
Chris ParrottBoard Member
<strong>Peggy Pitsenbarger</strong>
Peggy PitsenbargerBoard Member
<strong>Tod Thayer</strong>
Tod ThayerBoard Member
<strong>Sara Wilber</strong>
Sara WilberBoard Member
<strong>Our Team Also Includes</strong>
Our Team Also IncludesMany Amazing Volunteers
In addition to our Board of Directors, we also regularly utilize Advisory Staff, mentors and volunteers for our different projects and programs.