Autism Empowerment seeks Autistic Advisory Board Committee Members

//Autism Empowerment seeks Autistic Advisory Board Committee Members

Autism Empowerment seeks Autistic Advisory Board Committee Members

Volunteer Opportunity on Autism Empowerment’s Autistic Advisory Committee!

The autism spectrum is diverse and so is the autism community. We are currently seeking a few motivated, positive individuals who identify as Autistic, Aspie or on the autism spectrum to join our Autism Empowerment Autistic Advisory Committee.

When people ask what distinguishes Autism Empowerment from other autism-related organizations, we tell them that everyone on the Board of Directors and in key staff roles is either on the autism spectrum or is closely related to someone who is. We strongly believe that in order to authentically strengthen, serve and empower those within the autism community, individuals on the autism spectrum need to be meaningfully involved in leadership, strategic planning, program development, fundraising, marketing and service implementation.

Real participation… real respect… no tokenism.


Autism Empowerment is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization devoted to promoting a culture of acceptance and empowerment for children, teens, adults and families within the Autism and Asperger communities.

The vision we work toward is an inclusive society that accepts and respects all youth and adults on the autism spectrum and empowers each person to reach their highest potential.

We offer a variety of programs and services to support the autism community at large. One of these programs is the publication of Spectrums Magazine.

What is the Autism Empowerment Autistic Advisory Committee?

This committee is chaired by Executive Director and co-founder, Karen Krejcha who reports quarterly to the Autism Empowerment Board of Directors

  • We are looking for adults on the autism spectrum to share opinions on topics that matter most to them in relation to services and support.
  • We are looking for feedback on Autism Empowerment’s current programs and services, including Spectrums Magazine.
  • We are looking for adults to participate in the strategic growth and expansion of our organization.


  • What kind of resources and support would you like to see in the community?
  • What kind of stories would you like to read in in Spectrums Magazine or on the Autism Empowerment blog?
  • What kind of show topics would you like to hear on Autism Empowerment Radio or watch on YouTube?
  • What is working well in our community and what needs to be fixed?
  • Are you able to access services and accommodations that you need?
  • How do you identify? (e.g. Autistic, Aspie, Aspergian, on the spectrum)
  • How often do you experience ableism?
  • How can autistic adults help autistic teens and children?
  • How can autistic adults help parents of sons/daughters on the spectrum?

If you are interested in serving on this committee, your time commitment required is flexible. We anticipate that most information-sharing will be online via survey and Basecamp (project management system) so as to maximize the comfort and convenience of committee members.

Please send an email to with Subject Header: Autistic Advisory Committee and share a little about yourself.  Please also answer the following questions.

  • What interests you about being on our Autistic Advisory Committee?
  • Do you have regular access to email and a computer?
  • Would you be willing to have a picture and bio on our different websites? (optional)
  • Do you belong to any Autistic/Asperger advocacy groups in-person or online (which ones?)
  • Other volunteer opportunities:  website design (must be skilled with WP), fundraising, video production, photography, blogging, community outreach (phone/email), social media, public relations, graphic design, special events, general administrative tasks.

Thank you! We will respond to your email within approximately 1 – 2 business days of receipt.

To see a PDF of this information to print or download, click here —> AutismEmpowermentAutisticAdvisoryCommittee

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