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Autism and Scouting Radio

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Autism and Scouting Radio is a sister station of Autism Empowerment Radio and part of the Autism Empowerment Radio Network. We consider ourselves a niche station being that our shows are generally focused on topics of interest to the Scouting community and to the Autism & Asperger community. We serve scouts, parents, volunteers and scouting leaders with the goal of helping Scouts on the autism spectrum to have a more positive scouting experience.

Autism and Scouting Radio is part of Autism Empowerment’s Autism and Scouting Program.  If you are not familiar with the Autism and Scouting Program, please check our resource section and get involved with our free Autism and Scouting online community at Facebook. We are proudly represented in over 50 countries.

Although our main Autism Empowerment Radio station does offer some scouting themed shows, the shows you hear on Autism and Scouting Radio are unique content of interest to the Autism and Scouting community. We are not affiliated with any scouting organization, however we have group members from male and female scouting organizations around the world.

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