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Sean Williams
Sean WilliamsSpecial Needs Scouting Advocate

Autism and Scouting  Descriptions

 July 20th, 2012 – The Great Race for Autism Awareness  – Sean Williams an special needs in scouting advocate joins Autism and Scouting Radio to talk about the Great Race for Autism Awareness that was held in St. Charles, IL to help educate scouts around this area to become more aware of Autism and scouts in units that have Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Sean shares what each station entailed and some of the outcomes from this event.

 September 11th, 2012 – Special Needs Crew 88 – Sean is back on Autism and Scouting Radio talking about new idea for a Boy Scout of America (BSA) Crew. A Crew is one type of scouting unit within BSA that allows for both male and female participation. In addition, a crew tends to have a focus a particular skill or craft. For example some crews focus on rock climbing or shooting or water events or some other focus of interest.  Crew 88 is no different except that it has a focus on Life Skills and is made up of members that have special needs.

January 30th, 2013 – Unit Special Needs Coordinator  – In his role as District Special Needs Chair or the BSA District that he serves their committee came up with a new unit position that they hope to a standard position within all units around the nation. Sean comes on air to talk about this new position, the person’s role and what kind of things they hope this position will achieve.

 June 11th, 2013 – Special Needs Friendly Unit -Having units around the nation that are open to working with those with different needs is one thing and having a unit being welcoming is another. Yet another wonderful creation by Sean Williams is the Special Needs Friendly Unit Award that awards units for having an attitude of acceptance for those with any ability. Sean returns to Autism and Scouting Radio to talk about this new award that they hope to inspire all units to welcome all scouts of all abilities.

Autism Empowerment Radio  Descriptions 

 September 28th, 2012 – The Great Race for Autism Awareness with Sean WilliamsThe Great Race to Autism Acceptance! For those with Autism or Asperger’s, the challenges that we face are often hard for others to understand since ASD is often considered a hidden disability.Autism Empowerment Radio is excited to bring on air a long-time Scouter from St. Charles, IL, Sean Williams. Sean is the father to a son with Asperger’s who has found great success in scouting, achieving his Eagle rank. Sean developed The Great Race to Autism Acceptance for Scout-O-Rama 2012 to show individuals without autism a better understanding of autism can be like on a daily basis.As Sean says, every Scout on the spectrum is like a snowflake. No too are alike.

The Great Race to Autism Acceptance was an exhibition with multiple stations and training. It was incredibly well received and his concept is one that can be duplicated in a variety of venues (not just scouting) around the world. Sean will talk with us today about the development and success of his project and give ideas on how you can develop something like this for your community.

Guest Bio

Sean is from the St. Charles, IL area which is just west of the Chicago area. He is married and has a son Richard, is the one who has inspired him to work with scouts with differing abilities. Richard has also been on Autism and Scouting Radio because he is an Eagle scout, founding member for Crew 88 and is on the Autism Spectrum.  Sean loves scouting and loves to support scouts with any challenge or need. In addition to his roles mentioned below, he has also created the Great Race for Autism Awareness, Special Needs Awareness Patch Program, Special Needs Awareness Unit Award and is part of a Special Needs and Scouting Round Table.

Scouting Positions

  • Chairperson to the Foxfire District Special Needs Committee
  • Foxfire District Round Table Commissioner
  • Committee Member – Foxfire District Activities Committee
  • Troop Committee Member
  • Merit Badge Counselor
  • Special Needs Crew 88 Adviser
  • Former Cubmaster – Pack 321

Scouting Awards and Achievements

  • District Award of Merit
  • Arrowhead Award
  • Woodbadge Beads – Beaver Patrol
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