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Autism Empowerment Programs & Support Services

AE_Transparent_LogoAutism Empowerment is devoted to promoting a culture of acceptance, enrichment, and empowerment for children, teens, adults and families in the Autism and Asperger communities. All our programs are currently piloted in the Southwest Washington and Portland, OR metro area. Some programs such as Autism and Scouting and Autism Empowerment Radio have extended to a national and international reach.

We believe that individuals on the autism spectrum are not 1 in 68 or 1 in “X” statistic. Each person is a 1 in 1 unique, interesting, special individual with something positive and meaningful to contribute, no matter what the age, what the gender, what the background.  We serve the 1 in 1.  Smile

Please see our Core Values, Goals and Beliefs page to learn more about our philosophy and our Four Foundational Pillars:

aeiepuzzlesmBelow you have the opportunity to learn about some of the major programs and support services that Autism Empowerment offers.

Autism and Scouting Program

Copy of Autism and Scouting (2)Autism and Scouting – Autism and Scouting is a global program that is dedicated to providing support for youth on the autism spectrum who are in scouting or interested in becoming a scout.  We are not affiliated with any one scouting organization, however we serve scouts, families, volunteers and leaders in different kinds of units worldwide.

  • Autism and Scouting Radio and Blog
  • Autism and Scouting Leadership Training (In person)
  • Autism and Scouting Leadership Training Kit
  • Autism and Scouting Social Media Support
  • Autism and Scouting World Unit Locator

Autism Empowerment Radio

Autism Empowerment Radio – Autism Empowerment Radio is a global program of Autism Empowerment that reaches individuals who are on the autism spectrum, families, caregivers and professionals.

  • We provide lots of original content revolving around a variety of topics.
  • We interview Autism Mentors: Autistics, Aspies and individuals on the autism spectrum who want to share life from their perspective.
  • We interview parents, siblings and family members looking to share their life perspective.
  • We interview educators, authors and other professionals who support the Autism and Aspergers communities.
  • We interview representatives of organizations, agencies, clubs and providers who want to share their services with the Autism and Asperger communities.
  • We broadcast inspirational stories of success with individuals who are making a positive difference in the Autism and Asperger communities.


Autism Empowerment Community Outreach

outreach3 Autism Empowerment Outreach – Autism Empowerment is dedicated to one day having our programs and services be worldwide, however first we must make sure that support is provided in our local community. We teach that each one of us can be an Ambassador for Acceptance of All Abilities in our home, in our school, in our workplace, in our community. Our home location is Vancouver, Washington in Clark County.

  • We collaborate with other nonprofit and for profit organizations and care providers to build a better autism and cross-disabilities community in the local Southwest Washington and Portland Metro Area.
  • We help spread Autism Acceptance and acceptance for all abilities at local health and youth events.
  • We host several community panels and acceptance events each year including our annual World Autism Acceptance Day event.
  • We offer a variety of trainings to local organizations.
  • We host an annual Resource Fair and Autism Empowerment Easter Egg Hunt for Acceptance of All Abilities.
  • We facilitate the monthly Southwest Washington Men’s Autism Support Group.
  • We facilitate a monthly Adults on the Autism Spectrum Support Group.
  • We have hosted an Autism Life Care Special Needs Planning Series in partnership with MassMutual Oregon.
  • Please take a look at a few of our Past Events and Outreach here.


Let Your Light Shine / Acceptance for All Abilities

womanempoweredLet Your Light Shine / Acceptance for All Abilities – Autism Empowerment believes in encouraging individuals to let their lights shine. Our journey is a rich one, filled with opportunities and the chance for growth.

We share positive content online through blogging, radio and video with stories of inspiration, motivation and courage from those in and involved with the autism community. In most years, we also offer an annual Easter Egg Hunt for Acceptance of All Abilities event in Vancouver, WA, the biggest event of its kind in the Northwest. This inclusive event served over 1,100 egg hunters in 2013, over 1,300 in 2014 and over 1,600 in 2015. It includes a Resource Fair with dozens of cross-disability agencies and service providers. We will not be hosting this in 2016 but will be back in 2017!

Autism Serves

VolunteersAutism Serves – Autism Serves is dedicated to working with those in the Autism Community to promote volunteerism.

  • Provides opportunities for volunteers to practice and learn skills in different kinds of environments.
  • Increases opportunities for meaningful employment.
  • Provides connections and bridges between individuals volunteering and groups receiving volunteer services.
  • Provides the opportunity for improved self-esteem and a sense of community.
  • Helps to unify the autism community through positive experiences while also promoting inclusion.
  • Provides opportunities for volunteers to get involved with Autism Empowerment.
  • Autism Serves Kids Care Club promotes service-learning for children on the autism spectrum and their families.

Autism Empowerment Support Center

Support2Autism Empowerment Support Center  –

Autism Empowerment’s ASD Support Center for Individuals, Families and Professionals is a great starting point to find meaningful and impactful support for individuals, families, care providers, educators and other professionals that are involved within the Autism and Asperger communities.

Autism Empowerment is dedicated to providing resources and reference material that can be used to better the lives of those on the autism spectrum, their loved ones and their entire support network.

This includes separate sections for:

  • Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
  • Family, Friends and Caregivers
  • Educators, Care Providers and Other Professionals


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