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Autism Empowerment Resource Center


We offer different avenues at Autism Empowerment to help you connect with a wide range of resources.

In addition to the content that is internal (content created for and on our website), we also help individuals, families, providers and professionals connect with outside care providers and organizations in their region.

Some of these external resources include:

  • Southwest Washington and Portland Metro Area Resource Guide – Autism Empowerment is physically located in Vancouver, WA. Our Board of Directors and volunteers have many positive connections with cross-disability service providers in this region and gladly provide this information to you through our SW WA / Portland metro Resource Guide.
  • United States Resources There are many national organizations besides Autism Empowerment that are doing amazing work. Many have specialized areas of expertise. We don’t believe it makes sense to re-invent the wheel so it is as this section that you can access that information. 
  • World Resources Amazing work is also being done around the globe. If you are coming to our website from outside the United States, it is likely that you want to connect with organizations in your region as well. Here are some fine international autism resources.
  • Women’s Resources – A section dedicated toward female Aspies, Autistics, Aspergirls, Asperkids and women on the autism spectrum worldwide. However you choose to identify either as a woman on the spectrum or as someone supporting a girl on the spectrum, this section is specifically for you and connects you with some of the most well-known and forward-thinking women on the autism spectrum worldwide.

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