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Coexisting Conditions

...sensory processing disorder, learning disabilities, disruptive behavior disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, tics and Tourette syndrome, and learning disabilities are some of the more common conditions that may co-occur in children....

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Girls and Ladies with Autism / Asperger’s, You Are Not Alone

...disorders (trying to get some control), workaholism, alcoholism… obsessive-compulsive challenges… which of course will often lead to or coincide with anxiety, depression, PTSD… and a vulnerability that makes us prone...

2016-11-07T00:03:33+00:00 August 10th, 2012|Acceptance, Aspierations, Aspies, Inspiration, Karen Krejcha, Support, Women|Comments Off on Girls and Ladies with Autism / Asperger’s, You Are Not Alone

Leadership Training Kit Online

...classroomasl Chapter 7 – Making your Unit More Sensory Friendly Sensory Friendly Unit Checklist – Sensory Friendly Unit Checklist Chapter 8 – Safety and Mental Health Issues Anxiety Disorders (NIMH)...

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Donate Your Vehicle

...pick cars up anywhere in the country, running or not. You avoid the possibility of receiving a low trade-in value from a dealer, or the anxiety and hassle of selling...

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Treatment Options

...particular challenges of living with a child with an ASD. Medications: Doctors may prescribe medications for treatment of specific autism-related symptoms or co-conditions such as anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder....

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