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Spectrums Magazine Summer 2017 issue is now available!

Making sure that robust content and resources are available to the autism community is a primary goal of Spectrums Magazine and Autism Empowerment. We are excited to announce that the Summer 2017 issue of Spectrums Magazine as a nonprofit program of Autism Empowerment is now online.

We will have links to the magazine here at the Autism Empowerment website, however the main web home for Spectrums Magazine will continue to be www.spectrumsmagazine.org. We will giving the website a fresh look and design in late 2017 and will eventually transition the website to a new home. For now, you can go to the link above to find the robust, empowering, enriching content you are looking for. All articles from 2013 – 2017 are available and all back issues are also available to read online.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us during the start-up stages of this program. When you make a donation (see the green donate button below), you can select Spectrums Magazine and those funds will be dedicated to sustaining and growing the magazine both in print and online.

2017 Issues

Spectrums Magazine Summer 2017 Issue

Spectrums Summer 2017 Issue

Summer 2017 Issue

Featured articles include: Passion Projects – Division in the Autism Community – Stories from the Spectrum: We Know Who We Are – Stephen’s Place – To Disclose or Not to Disclose – Autism on the Seas – 7 Sensory Friendly Summer Activities – That Great New Library Card Smell – Transportation and Special Education Students – Creating Visuals Instantly for Unpredictable Activities – Human Trafficking – Realities of Being an Autistic Therapist – Provider Partner Directory – Upcoming Autism Empowerment Events



Spectrums Magazine Spring 2017 Issue

Spectrums Spring 2017 Issue

Spring 2017 Issue

Featured articles include: A Journey of Music & Magic • The Big Deal about Small Talk • Autism Does Not Define Me • Consumer Advocacy in Autism Research • Swindells Resource Center • Choose Your Battles • Understanding Neurodiversity • A Parent/Teacher’s Guide to an IEP Meeting • Autism Service Animals in the IEP? • Autistic Burnout and Aging • A Spectrum of Support • Family Navigators • Parents, Precision Medicine, Autism and Genetics • Provider Partner Directory • Autism Empowerment Events – Provider Partner Directory – Upcoming Autism Empowerment Events



2016 Issues

Spectrums Magazine Summer 2016 Issue

Spectrums Summer 2016 Issue

Summer 2016 Issue – the 1st issue as a nonprofit program of Autism Empowerment. Click the cover photo to read the issue online.

Featured articles include: Dads Helping Dads – My Life – Mighty Mitch – PHAME – Social Club for Tweens and Teens – Autism Serves Kids Care Club – Winning the war on grooming – Understanding Social Communication Disorder – Stories from the Spectrum: Faking It – Luke’s Ride raises Therapy Funds – Directory of Community Provider Partners



Spectrums Magazine Fall 2016 Issue

The Fall 2016 issue of Spectrums was distributed in the Southwest Washington and Portland, Oregon metro area during mid-September 2016. Please click cover photo to view online.

Featured articles include: Voter Rights for the I/DD Community – Disability Employment Awareness Month – Letting Go of “Normal” – Autism “Rocks” – Pokemon Go Trainers Catch Autism Acceptance – Bridging the Gap with Teachers – 11 Ways to Strengthen Friendships – Bullying Prevention & Disability Harassment in the Workplace – Stories from the Spectrum: Pokemon Go Has Done Great Things for my Family – Awetism We Embrace – Upcoming Autism Empowerment Events – Directory of Community Provider Partners

Winter 2016 Spectrums Magazine

The Winter 2016 issue of Spectrums will be distributed during mid to late December 2016. (Adverse weather and driving conditions are impacting delivery time.) Please click cover photo to view online.

Featured articles include: Martial Arts & Autism – Striving for Disability Equity – Special Celebrations – Advocating for Community Inclusion – A Literary Hero for All Abilities – Holiday Travel – Dear Spectrums Readers: End of Year Appeal – From Surviving to Thriving – Educational Toy Guide – Great Expectations – Holidays and Breaks in Routine – Blackbelts for Butterflies – Introduction to State DD Services – Upcoming Autism Empowerment Events – Directory of Community Provider Partners

Past Issues

If you would like to view the Spectrums Magazine website which includes past issues of the magazine and a plethora of autism-related resources within the Southwest Washington and Portland metro community, you can do so by going to the following link:

Spectrums Magazine

Past Portland/Vancouver Issue Covers

These issues were originally printed between 2013 and 2015. If you click on the cover photo, you can read the issue online.

Spectrums Magazine Fall 2013   Spectrums Magazine Summer 2014 Spectrums Magazine Fall 2014
 Spectrums Magazine Winter 2014 Spectrums Magazine Spring 2015 Spectrums Magazine Summer 2015 Spectrums Magazine Fall 2015

These publications were published online only. If you click the photo, you can read the Holiday Guide 2013 issue online. You can also download a free copy of Spectrums 68 page Spring 2015 Autism Resource Directory. Autism Empowerment will be updating this in the future.

spectrumsholiday2013 Spectrums 2015 Spring Resource Directory

Sponsoring or Advertising in Spectrums Magazine

If you are a business or organization serving clients within the Portland, OR, Southwest Washington or Seattle regions and you would like to sponsor Spectrums Magazine or have an advertisement within Spectrums,  you can contact John Krejcha at spectrums@autismempowerment.org and he will be more than happy to talk you about advertising and how you can be part of the success of Spectrums and Autism Empowerment.