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Support for Individuals with Autism Starts with the Individual First

AE_Transparent_LogoAutism Empowerment starts with providing support for you, the individual who is living with autism, Asperger’s or ASD.

We live in a world that often doesn’t understand or “get” autistic and Aspie minds. Many of us on the autism spectrum have expressed that it seems or feels like we are part of a different culture. Sometimes it may even feel like we’re from a different planet!

Autism Empowerment was co-founded by Karen Krejcha, a woman on the autism spectrum parenting two sons on the autism spectrum. Her journey with autism is unique and so is yours. Those of us on the autism spectrum will have similarities and we will have differences. We are each coming to the table with our own set of life experiences and our own spiritual, emotional and physical journey. Despite our different views, we do believe that as a community we can come together, accept and support one another.

When Autism Empowerment was co-founded, it was determined that everyone on our Board of Directors either be on the autism spectrum or closely related to someone who is. We are a positive group and although life still provides challenges, we do our best to embrace adversity and work with it.

As such, we strongly believe in creating an Autism Empowerment community where all people on the autism spectrum feel welcome. Whether you prefer being called Autistic or Aspie (like many adults on the spectrum do) or person with autism or simply “John or Jane Doe”, there is a place for you here with acceptance and respect.

We want you to find a home where you feel that you are accepted for who you are, inspired to improve yourself, feel enriched by the information that you find and are empowered to advocate for yourself and live your best life possible.

JourneyNo matter what your personal situation is, it is bound to be complex. We respect that your situation is unique and we’re here to help you find information and support as well as be a safe place for you to visit, knowing that people accept you for who you are, where you are at this stage in your life journey.

There is a popular autism community saying, “if you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”  There is no one-size-fits all support strategy or treatment, however there are quite a few tools and strategies you can implement to help improve your life.

We strongly believe in creating an Autism Empowerment community where all people on the autism spectrum and those supporting those with ASD feel welcome. Of course it does not stop there. We visualize acceptance for those on the autism spectrum throughout the world.  Of course it doesn’t stop with ASD either. We visualize a world where neurodiversity is embraced and there is Acceptance for ALL Abilities. You, me, the neighbor down the street, the global neighbor on the other side of the world…  Idealistic? Maybe… but it’s a world worth working toward.

While here, we want you to find a home where you feel that you are accepted for who you are, inspired to improve yourself, feel enriched by the information that you find and are empowered to advocate for yourself and live your best life possible.

You can start right now. Embrace an attitude of acceptance with a willingness to learn and be empowered.  Be an Ambassador for Acceptance of All Abilities in your home, in your community, in your workplace, in the world. Do it for your family, friends and colleagues. Do it for yourself.


We want to support you wherever you are in life and whatever stage. We hope that you will help support us in our work too. Together we are stronger!

Sounds Great, Show me the Content!

aeiepuzzlesmYes, we’re getting to that!  On our website we have a variety of blog postings, downloadable podcasts through the Autism Empowerment Radio Network, outreach material and training information from a variety of programs and services we offer. We are going to be investing our resources in content production in 2016 as we believe that telling stories of youth and adults on the autism spectrum is one of the best vehicles we can use to promote Autism Acceptance.

Please feel free to look through our website, visit our About Us section and learn more about our organization, our Four Foundational Pillars and our Core Values, Beliefs and Goals.  Be sure to check out our Autism Empowerment Radio Network which include Autism Empowerment Radio and Autism and Scouting Radio. For those of you who belong to Facebook, Twitter and other online venues, get connected with us through Social Media.

Here are some other great places to check out:

Autism Empowerment Resource Center


We offer different avenues at Autism Empowerment to help you connect with a wide range of resources.

In addition to the content that is internal (content created for and on our website), we also help individuals, families, providers and professionals connect with outside care providers and organizations in their region.

Some of these external resources include:

  • Southwest Washington and Portland Metro Area Resource Guide – Autism Empowerment is physically located in Vancouver, WA. Our Board of Directors and volunteers have many positive connections with cross-disability service providers in this region and gladly provide this information to you through our SW WA / Portland metro Resource Guide.
  • United States Resources – There are many national organizations besides Autism Empowerment that are doing amazing work. Many have specialized areas of expertise. We don’t believe it makes sense to re-invent the wheel so it is as this section that you can access that information.
  • World Resources – Amazing work is also being done around the globe. If you are coming to our website from outside the United States, it is likely that you want to connect with organizations in your region as well. Here are some fine international autism resources.
  • Women’s Resources – A section dedicated toward female Aspies, Autistics, Aspergirls, Asperkids and women on the autism spectrum worldwide. However you choose to identify either as a female on the spectrum or as someone supporting a female on the spectrum, this section is specifically for you and connects you with some of the most well-known and forward-thinking females on the autism spectrum worldwide.

Your Feedback


We want to hear from you! What information would you like us to add and how can we better help you in your journey? Please let us know by providing Feedback Here. (Please note that we are a volunteer run organization with limited volunteer staff so please allow appropriate time if you would like a response. Thanks!)

Please check back often to find new content.

If you like what we’re doing, please share about us with your community. As a non-profit organization, we rely financially on public support to sustain and expand our services. Get Involved Today!


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