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We Appreciate our Sponsors and Donors


Autism Empowerment is extremely grateful to the following donors and corporate sponsors for their generosity and support! Thank you for helping us on our mission! We hope that Autism Empowerment visitors will support you as well!

On this page, we will include donors, corporate sponsors and grantmakers who have donated in 2016.  We also appreciate those who gave in 2015 and prior years and have included links to those generous individuals and organizations on a separate page by year.

To see sponsors of a particular program, please check out these pages:

Featured Corporate Impact Partners

We would like to thank the following Corporations who have supported Autism Empowerment with cash donations in 2016.

Blackbelts for Butterflies


  • Blackbelts for ButterfliesDonated all proceeds from Blackbelts for Butterflies West Coast 2016 event
  • Cornerstone On-Demand 
  • Walmart on 192nd – Vancouver, WA – Grant to support the Autism Serves Kids Care Club
  • Noble Hour This project was sponsored by NobleCause, made possible by an anonymous donor within the GiveWell Community Foundation and organized by Noblehour.com, a volunteer management tool that promotes a culture of civic and charts meaningful, measurable acts of goodness.
  • Umpqua Bank Grant to support the Autism Serves Kids Care Club

Special Events 


  • Paul Warner  – Shahala Library, Mythology, & Instructional Tech Teacher
  • Portland Superheroes Coalition
  • Shahala PTO
  • The 501st Legion (Star Wars)

2nd Annual Community Picnic (Sunday, July 31st) 

  • Walmart on 192nd
  • Mtn. Peaks Therapy Llamas and Alpacas – Home of Rojo the Llama
  • Portland Superheroes Coalition
  • The 501st Legion (Star Wars)

1st Annual Bowl-a-thon

We would like to thank the following businesses for the support of the 1st annual Bowl-a-Thon. Thank you so much for all of your support.


download (7)    download (6)

Auction or Raffle Prize Donations – 2016

Thank you so much to the following organizations that have provided In-Kind donations of either products or services for raffle or auction prizes that will be used to raise funds for the Autism Empowerment.

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In Memory Donations 

The following people and groups have made donations in memory of a loved one.

In Honor of Joey Ponto and Gloria Mackay

  • Annatjia Kurfurst
  • Laurie and Dave Norland
  • Lyle and Mickey Norland
  •  Phil and Carol Naylor
  • N. Shore Republican Women
  • Pottstown Police Officers’ Assoc
  • Danielle Ponto
  • Michael Ponto
  • Rae-Jean and Joe Young

Auto Donations

One way to support Autism Empowerment is to donate an automobile, truck, boat or RV, running or not.  Thank you to the following people who donated a vehicle in 2016.


  • Benjamin Gray – Redmond, WA
  • Adam Espinola – Medford, MA
  • Ramasamy Bakthavtsalam – Kirkland, WA

Learn how to Donate your vehicle. 

Individual Donors (updated quarterly)

  • Anonymous
  • Jennifer Mills Amash
  • Janet Barnes
  • Melisa Bedell
  • Kelly Behnke
  • Aaron and Heidi Blackwelder
  • Gary and Julie Borghello
  • Tracy Borra
  • Julie Boys
  • Angela and Matthew Brothers
  • Susan Chamberlin
  • Virginia and Eric Chapman
  • Kathy Coleman
  • Beth Currie
  • Jane Dixon
  • Amy Donaldson
  • Gabriela Ewing
  • Mike and Tricia Finklein
  • Lisa Fitzgerald
  • Kim Gallo
  • Barbara Glanz
  • Katie Green
  • Dr. Gloria A. Grubbs
  • Jill Golla
  • Kelli Hale
  • Steven Haygood
  • Janasa Herndon
  • Aaron Horsley
  • Jason Kinsey
  • Jeanne Kojis
  • Jodie Kotrlik
  • John and Karen Krejcha
  • Phoebe Krueger
  • Le Ann and Rob Larson
  • Suzanne Bechard Luther
  • Ginny Lux
  • Gina Magnuson
  • Larry McMaster
  • Courtney Meade
  • John Metz
  • Kris Miller
  • Alan Morasch
  • Deb Moroye
  • Janet Mulvanny
  • Gabi Obegi
  • Tara and Jeff O’Gorman
  • Billie Parks
  • Chris and Heather Parrott
  • Alicia Penzel
  • Paul and Peggy Pitsenbarger
  • Kim Prather
  • Tom and Gerrie Reis
  • Kay Richardson
  • Cheryl and Alberto Rizzo
  • June Sakugawa
  • Joseph Schaum
  • Rhiannon Severin
  • Laura Shook
  • Mary and Bob Sisson
  • Timothy Skinner
  • Leona Smyth
  • Nancy Strobel
  • Brian Tashima
  • Cynthia E Hurd Terpstra
  • Garen and Carrie Thatcher
  • Tricia Thompson
  • Lynn Trano
  • Douglas Underwood
  • Theresa and Jeremy Van Pelt
  • Sara and John Wilber
  • Erika Williams
  • Kenzel and Kirsten Wilson
  • Erin Winer

In-Kind Donation and Entertainment – 2016

Thank you also so much to the following people and businesses for their In-Kind Donations:

  • Shannon Donnelly – Office furniture
  • Dr. Gloria A. Grubbs – TriStar Chiropractic
  • Dice Again Games – Donation of Games for Social / Game Clubs
  • Kay Richardson – Donation of Wii for Social / Game Club 
  • Brian Tashima from The Spectraland Saga – Books for the Autism Empowerment Library
  • Walmart on 192nd Ave – Vancouver, WA – Multiple donations

Auction or Raffle Prize Donations – 2016

Prior Year Supporters

  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013, 2012 & 2011

Autism Empowerment is grateful for your support!


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