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Quentin and Augustus
Quentin and AugustusBoy Scouts

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 February 20th, 2012 – Double the Scouting Fun with Quentin and Augustus  – Autism and Scouting is pleased to provide an installment of Inspirations from the Spectrum. Today we bring double the scouting fun and adventure when we interview fraternal twin brothers Quentin and Augustus on Autism and Scouting Radio. Brother rivalries are revealed in good fun and the family shares what they enjoy about scouting.

We also talk about their experience living with autism.  We are joined by their mom Linda who has just as much fun. During the show we get to know more about both boys and why they enjoy being in scouting. We also learn their plans for the future.

Guest Bio

Quentin and Augustus are two amazing boys both of whom are on the Autism Spectrum and love to compete against each other and love being in scouts.

Scouting Positions

  • Youth

Awards and Achievements

  • Arrow of Light
  • Both working toward Eagle Scout
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