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RyanCub Scout

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  July 27th, 2012 – Tiger Cub Ryan and his View – Ryan is a young Cub Scout on the Autism Spectrum who enjoys sharing his views of scouting and many other things in his life.  Autism and Scouting radio is pleased to bring Ryan on air with his mom, Karen to share how he likes being a scout as well as many other fun facts.

 August 22nd, 2012 – Snippets from the Spectrum – Tiger Cub Ryan & his Cruise  – Ryan is an enthusiastic seven year old boy on the autism spectrum who spends time today with his mom and dad talking about his recent Carnival Cruise to Alaska using the services of Autism on the Seas.

December 20th 2012 – Update from Tiger Cub Ryan – It was five months ago when we first had Ryan on air and we have brought him back to find out what has been going on with him and how he is continuing to enjoy his scouting experience. This is a very fun broadcast and you may need to hang on for a wild ride.

December 21st, 2012 – Inspiration from the Autism Spectrum – Holiday Fun with Ryan – Ryan returns to Autism Empowerment Radio to sing Christmas carols and talk about the holidays.

Guest Bio

Ryan loves many things including Minecraft, playing on the Wii, cars and the color orange. He is also a bit of a ladies man, however has pledged his love to a gal he met in preschool, affectionately known as “Sweet Baby Bridgette”.

Scouting Positions

  • Youth

Awards and Achievements

  • Bobcat
  • Tiger
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