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Special Needs Troop 2
Special Needs Troop 2Springfield, MO

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September 21, 2012 – Special Needs Troop 2 – Panel – Autism and Scouting Radio hosts our first panel show. We are joined by three guests from Special Needs Troop 2 in Springfield, MO: Teddy Heaton, Scoutmaster,  Scott Pope, Committee Chair and Cindy Pope, Advancement Chair. We learn about the history of the Troop, some of their past events andwe go into detail about how the work with scouts that have a variety of special needs including autism spectrum disorder.

Organization Bio

Troop 2 in Springfield, MO is one of only a handful for troops in the United States that are dedicated to working with scouts with special needs.  The Scoutmaster is Teddy Heaton and the Committee Chair is Scott Pope. The Troop meets at 1720 E. Bradford Parkway, Springfield, MO 65804. You can contact Teddy for more information about days of the week they meet.
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