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Start Here for Autism Support – Autism Spectrum Support Center for Individuals, Families and Professionals


Hello! Here is your starting point on the Autism Empowerment website to find meaningful and impactful support for individuals, families, care providers, educators and other professionals that connected in some way with the Autistic and Autism community.

Autism Empowerment is dedicated to providing resources and reference material that can be used to better the lives of those on the autism spectrum, their loved ones, and their entire support network. Our website is always a work in progress!

Please check back often and if you have suggestions, we want to hear from you as well regarding what you would like to see. Contact us at:

You can either use the left side navigation or click the corresponding links below to visit each resource or reference section.

Autism is a Journey. We'll meet you along the way.

Autism Empowerment prioritizes providing support for you and each individual who is living with an autism spectrum diagnosis.

We live in a world that often doesn’t understand or “get” Autistic and Aspie minds. Many of us on the autism spectrum have expressed that it seems like we are part of a different culture. Sometimes it may even seem like we’re from a different planet!  If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. We are both proactive and positive autism and autistic allies.

Support starts at birth and runs the span of your lifetime. All ages, all stages, all levels of ability… this is who we aim to serve. We believe that some of the most meaningful friends to individuals on the spectrum are Autism Mentors; what we consider to be Autistic and Aspie adults who have walked a similar path. We help connect you with this community.

We realize that not all of your support will come from mentors. While you are young and as you age, support will also often come from your parents, family, educators and medical providers.

We have a goal of supporting them as well and helping them understand and accept you for who you are. We want to enrich and empower you and your support circle so that you can live your best life possible.  That’s going to look different from person to person but one thing is the same. Each one of us is an Ambassador for Acceptance for All Abilities.

Individuals, Learn More Here

For Family, Friends and Caregivers

familytogetherA diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder affects family, friends and caregivers in a variety of ways. Every individual’s journey is unique and Autism Empowerment is here to help support you in the journey.

Perhaps your child or grandchild is newly diagnosed and you’re not sure where to go next and what you can do to help the family. Maybe you suspect that your spouse may be on the autism spectrum but aren’t sure if he or she would be receptive to a conversation? Maybe your friend is overwhelmed and struggling with the isolation and challenges that life with autism can often bring.

Many times family and friends want to positively support children, sisters, brothers and other loved ones with autism and are looking for an encouraging, uplifting and accepting place to do so.  Individuals living with autism truly benefit from having a strong, accepting and loving support network and Autism Empowerment is here to help build, sustain and help that network thrive.

Family, Friends & Caregivers, Learn More Here

For Educators, Care Providers and other Professionals

ProfessionalsIndividuals and families that are impacted by autism often turn to educators, medical care providers and other professionals to help them navigate daily life. Maybe you are a teacher working with a child and are curious about best practices or wondering where you can connect with other educators or professionals

Maybe you are a volunteer in a youth group, scouting unit, sports club, faith-based organization or after-school program and want to better serve the individuals and families that you serve.

Maybe you are involved in emergency services or in the financial services industry and looking to learn more about autism and what the lives might look like for individuals and families in the autism community.

We have a place for you here too. We believe if we can help you learn more about people living with autism, you can better work together with individuals and families when providing the services that you specialize in.

Professionals, Learn More Here

Before I Click Away, Any Other Content to Share?

aeiepuzzlesmWhy, of course! We’re glad you asked. Throughout the Autism Empowerment website we have a variety of blog postings, downloadable podcasts through the Autism Empowerment Radio Network, outreach material and training information from a variety of programs and services we offer.

We also have Spectrums Magazine, a high-quality publication from Autism Empowerment that is written by and for the autistic and autism community. Spectrums Magazine is a quarterly print magazine distributed throughout the Southwest Washington and Portland, OR metro area.  We also have back issues of all our magazines online to read via Issuu at:

This website you’re on right now is a continual work in progress. In 2018, we will have a new complementary website called Spectrum Life that will expand upon the content in our magazine and include extended interviews, all our audio podcasts from Autism Empwoerment Radio, videos and more.

Please feel free to look through our website, visit our About Us section and learn more about our organization, our Four Foundational Pillars and our Core Values, Beliefs and Goals.  Be sure to check out our Autism Empowerment Radio Podcat Network. For those of you who belong to Facebook, Twitter and other online venues, get connected with us through Social Media.

Here are some other useful places to check out:

Autism Empowerment Resource Center


We offer different avenues at Autism Empowerment to help you connect with a wide range of resources.

In addition to the content that is internal (content created for and on our website), we also help individuals, families, providers and professionals connect with outside care providers and organizations in their region.

Some of these external resources include:

  • Southwest Washington and Portland Metro Area Resource Guide – Autism Empowerment is physically located in Vancouver, WA. Our Board of Directors and volunteers have many positive connections with cross-disability service providers in this region and gladly provide this information to you through our SW WA & Portland Metro area Resource Guide.
  • United States Resources – There are many national organizations besides Autism Empowerment that are doing amazing work. Many have specialized areas of expertise. We don’t believe it makes sense to re-invent the wheel so it is as this section that you can access that information.
  • World Resources – Amazing work is also being done around the globe. If you are coming to our website from outside the United States, it is likely that you want to connect with organizations in your region as well. Here are some fine international autism resources.
  • Women’s Resources – A section dedicated toward female Aspies, Autistics, Aspergirls, Asperkids and women on the autism spectrum worldwide. However you choose to identify either as a female on the spectrum or as someone supporting a female on the spectrum, this section is specifically for you and connects you with some of the most well-known and forward-thinking females on the autism spectrum worldwide.

Please check back often to find new content and if you like what we’re doing, please share about us with your community. As a non-profit organization, we rely on public support to sustain and expand our services. Get Involved Today!


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